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The User Experience Work Book

Introduce the user and their experience with your product at the core of your development process.

As technology moves forward in leaps and bounds consumers now have more choice than ever. Voting with their feet leaving products that don’t meet their requirements “dead in the water”. Companies and teams have to make considerable effort to not only keep up with competition but also listen to the user, developing products to meet their specific needs.

This booklet is a tool to give you a starting point to, gather requirements, declare and test your assumptions and obtain user feedback to further your product in line with your business goals. It allows you to place focus on Invalidating your hypothesis before making costly mistakes.
UX Work Book

Printed double sided on a3, the booklet can be cheaply reproduced from your copier and after one simple cut and a few folds be easily assembled following the printed instructions.

Distribute among your team and work to a design studio method, by involving all members  in the creation process, breakthroughs as well as a greater shared understanding of who the customer/user is, can be established at an accelerated rate.

Once your team has had time to research and sketch their own solution to the issue or future development. Unfolding the six sketching pages into one strip allows team members and stakeholders to present their views on what would best deliver value, following up with a discussion session to decide what the best collaborative path to follow is.

The workbook provides not only a sketching surface but six useful pages for prompts, organisation and feedback aiming to place greater focus on research and communication.

Tasks to create and organise user stories on 3x3in (standard size) sticky notes into, “doing”, “related” and “?” (questionable for further clarification from users) means you can keep sight of the goals you are trying to achieve.  

The booklet can be refolded to alter the starting point of the book so you can work from hypothesis to prototype to feedback pages showing the users only the feature your prototype is to address.

If you would like to try the template for yourself, you can download it here. I’d love to hear about what you think about the template so please feel free to email me your thoughts.

Product Visions and Visual Thinking

If you haven’t come across a product vision before here it is in a nutshell, it’s a short list of 4-8 key points you need to think about when creating a product. You can get some great in depth information of what a product vision is, why you’d use one, download a free template and create your own here.

So why have I chosen this rather lack lustre intro in to the world of product visions? Simple! Because this week i’ve been looking at one. Specifically the revenue section, this unsurprisingly covers how you intend to make money from your product. While this maybe an uneasy topic for some never the less it is an important one.

Under the revenue stream on the product vision was a list of four services, Installation, Configuration, Training and Bespoke Development. Being more of a visual thinker myself I have tried to create a simplistic representation of each of these
Relying solely on simplistic graphics isn’t always a good idea and depends largely on your audiences past experiences. However the above was a fun little experiment and adds a splash of colour to the slightly taboo subject of making money.